16 years pass since occupation of Zengilan region of Azerbaijan by Armenians

16 years have passed since the occupation of Zengilan region of Azerbaijan by Armenian armed forces.

Zengilan was last occupied region of Azerbaijan, APA reports.Local population was informed about the preparation of Armenia to attack the region and it prevented second Khojaly tragedy in Zengilan. The civilians crossed the Iranian borders and avoided to be victim of genocide committed by Armenians. 188 people became martyrs in the battles for Zengilan and 44 are missing. 33 000 population of Zengilan were settled in the different regions of Azerbaijan. The territory of the region is 707 sq km and the population is 33890. Nine pre-school establishments, 19 primary schools, 15 secondary schools, technical schools, music schools, 35 libraries, 8 culture houses, 23 clubs and 22 film projectors were destroyed in the region during the Armenian invasion. Armenians are pursuing the policy of environmental terror in Zengilan. They are cutting rich plane tree forests in Zengilan and misappropriating its natural resources.