Allocation of aid to Nagorno Karabakh is contrary to US policy

“The decision of the U.S. Congress on allocating direct aid to Nagorno Karabakh is contrary to the policy pursued by an official Washington”, said Professor of Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy and University of Haifa Dr. Brenda Shaffer, APA reports.

According to Shaffer, it’s not the first time that the congress allocated aid to Nagorno Karabakh, but it completely contradicts the US policy. If even the financial aid is allocated, the uses of this money must be shown. If not, the aid money is thrown away from the US tax payers.

Shaffer noted that the Congress, which passed this decision, is not thinking about the US national interests, they are thinking about the interests of Armenian lobby. However, she thinks the US Administration will not support such decision of the Congress.

Commenting on settlement perspectives of Nagorno Karabakh conflict, Shaffer stated that it’s critical and quite important to link this process with the opening of Turkey-Armenia borders: “The opening of Turkey-Armenia borders is very significant in terms of progress in Nagorno Karabakh issue. The border issue is only non-military means to encourage Armenia to release some of the territories and it should also be used as an opportunity to promote the Nagorno Karabakh resolution. If it isn’t, I think it will be a huge mistake on Turkey’s part, on the US part and even on part of Armenia”.

To Shaffer, if the borders are opened Armenia’s position in Nagorno Karabakh issue will be more severe and that’s why everything must be linked. She said if the borders are opened and nothing significant happens on the Karabakh it will be very dangerous for the region.