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As the world community knows, Armenia, longing to establish mythical “Great Armenia” by usurping Azerbaijani territories, and its aggressive policy, led to the undeclared war between the two neighboring republics. After occupying the inseparable part of Azerbaijan — Nagorno-Karabakh, as well as Lachin and Kalbajar regions, Armenian armed units occupied Agdere region on July 7 and Agdam region on July 23 of 1993, i.e. 15 years ago.
Over 14 thousand people lived in 14 villages of Agdere region (1705 sq. km territory) before the occupation. As a result of the Armenian occupation, tens of countrymen were slain, 167 people got missed, and 39 people were taken captives.
882 sq. km 76.5% territory of Agdam region, out of 1154 sq. km, was occupied by Armenian armed gangs. Only 10 settlements out of 122 are controlled by Azerbaijan, and the rest is under Armenian’s control. Insidious enemy savagely sacked, destroyed and burnt down everything that was captured, including historical monuments belonging to the XIV-XVIII centuries, 24.500 private houses, about 50 industrial and construction entities, 160 schools, 65 medical establishments, 374 cultural centers, 2 museums, including the Agdam Museum of Bread — one of the two in the world, a lot of mosques and other sacred faith objects, as well as Gutlu Sari Musa oglu Kunbez built in 1314 in Khachinderbend village, tombs and stone monuments in Kangarli village belonging to the XIV century, tomb and mosque belonging to the XVIII century in Papravend village, monuments belonging to the XVIII century in Imarat (mansion) territory, Agdam region, tombs of Khan kizi Khurshudbanu Natavan and her sons, Shahbulag castle in Shahbulag and caravanserai.
Flora and fertile layer of the soil, covering 91.3 ha useful to agriculture and 1700 ha wood lands was destroyed and made useless. According to the approximate calculations, as a result of occupation, AZN 6.5 bln damage was caused to Agdam region.
6 thousand people were killed during military operations in Agdam region, old people, women and children were among them. One of the bitter facts of the war was that 49 people were taken captives by Armenians, 139 people got missing.
128 thousand inhabitants were driven away from native lands and, settling in 59 region of the republic, were obliged to live as poor IDPs. Armenians, knowing that they will have to release the occupied territories sooner or later, besides the destruction of part of Agdam and Agdere regions, which are under their control during 15 years, they made useless fertile layer of the soil and continue their dirty actions until today. Furthermore, they illegally settle Armenians in those regions roughly violating the international laws.
The participants of the round table on subject “Agdam – 15 years under Armenian bondage” appealed to the UNO, the European Union, the OSCE, heads of the OSCE Minsk Group member-states and the International Red Cross Committee calling them on to take strict measures to ensure territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, to release the occupied territories, including Agdam and Agdere regions, from Armenian armed forces, to free Azerbaijani citizens captured during the Armenian-Azerbaijan conflict and clarify the fate of missing people.

The appeal was adopted by the participants of the round table held by Public Association for “Protection of Rights of Migrants and Internally Displaced Persons in Azerbaijan” together with “Hasrat Yolu” Public Association for assistance to captives and hostages on subject “Agdam – 15 years under Armenian bondage” held on 22 July, 2008 in Baku.