Armenians to fleeg from Karabakh

The current situation in Nagorno-Karabakh turned the Armenians living there into refugees. reported with reference to the newspaper «Express». The survey conducted by Press Club Khankendi, with financial support from the Friedrich Ebert Foundation found that 63.2% of Karabagh Armenians feel unbearable local socio-economic conditions.

71.4% of the survey, which was attended by 1250 people, said that due to the harsh conditions of life they will leave Nagorno-Karabakh “at the earliest opportunity”. 58% of respondents reported that they will leave to earn for their lives. 47.2% said the main cause of migration is called social injustice in the Nagorno-Karabakh, 16,3% — «the danger of a recurrence of hostilities», and 8,7% — «political reasons».

According to 68,3% of respondents, mainly responsible for this deplorable situation, which Nagorno-Karabakh bears, is Arkady Ghoukassian and his surroundings, as well as «all the officials in the government». According to the Karabakh Armenians, the policy of Khankendi is wrong.

42.1% of respondents saw the cause of the situation in military operations, 27.2% — in the transition period, and 24,5% — in the «non-recognition of Nagorno Karabakh officially».

51.3% of respondents stated that human rights in Nagorno-Karabakh are not protected.

According to the expert, the Center for Protection of Human Rights in Armenia Hrayra Aqajanyan poll results are not surprising.