Azerbaijan pardons foreign prisoners

Foreign prisoners pardoned by the presidential decree issued in Azerbaijan on December 25 were released from penitentiaries on Saturday.

The pardoned foreigners – citizens of Afghanistan Sabur Gasimi Shakur, Heydar Zarifi Khojazein, Gasim Hafizullah Afzali and the Iranian citizens Purmehrali Bahruz Shirali and Afruz Bahman Ahmad were released from penitentiary No 17, Nigerian citizen Otos Ochuko Kingsley – from penitentiary No 2. Afghans and Iranian were sentenced for illegal crossing the state borders.

Chinese citizen Yu Lei Jung, Russian citizen Paramonov Alexandr Victorovich and Macedonian Todorovski Sashko Alexandrovich sentenced for the different criminal cases were also released on Saturday.

The foreign prisoners released from jail, thanked Azerbaijani president for pardoning them.

Deputy Chief of the Penitentiary Service Nizamaddin Jalilov told journalists that totally 9 foreigners were released from the prison by the presidential decree. He said the pardoned foreigners would be handed over to the State Migration Service and then sent back to their countries.