Azerbaijani soldiers are able to liberate the occupied territories

“The combat readiness of the Interior Troops is perfect. The troops have been supplied with the most modern arms and military equipment.

We can now compare the logistics of the Interior Troops with the logistics of the similar bodies of the leading states,” commander of the Interior Troops, Lieutenant-General Zakir Hasanov told journalists, APA reports.

Commander of the Interior Troops spoke about the reforms carried out in the troops, readiness and social provision of the personnel. According to Zakir Hasanov, Azerbaijani soldiers are able to fulfill all the tasks, liberate the occupied territories. Zakir Hasanov noted that the officers of the Interior Troops attended trainings in the teaching and training centers of the leading states.

Zakir Hasanov said using the experience of the leading states the Interior Troops had established the most modern education system in Azerbaijan. New hostel, canteen, military camps have been constructed for the soldiers of the Interior Troops. According to Zakir Hasanov, the soldiers of the Interior Troops are given national meals at least three times a day, there has never been a problem concerning the nutrition of the soldiers. The Interior Troops has a lab meeting modern standards to test the quality of the food.