Care to IDP from Kalbajar

Care to IDP from KalbajarIDP from Kalbajar, Malahat Hasanova said: 21 year-old Ulviyya suffered from serious nervous disease for years. We have found families whose children suffer from this disease, kept intercourse with them and make every effort to assuage their grief. Well-wishing people’s aid is very much in this work. I would like to underline role of the president of Heydar Aliyev Foundation, goodwill ambassador of UNESCO and ISESCO, MP Mehriban khanum Aliyeva.
I have met with Mehriban khanum in 2004 first time. She listened to us attentively. During talks we said that treatment in Yevpatoria dolphinaries has an effect, but our economic condition doesn’t let us to take her there. Ulviyya and several children were sent to Ukraine – Yevpatoria soon. The treatment had a very good effect.

We met with our President and his lady in the opening ceremonies of one of the beautiful buildings of our town some months ago. Mehriban khanum recognized us, inquired after children. We told about the condition and stated that there is a need to a new treatment course. Our President joint to the talks and said us not to worry. Children of three families – our Ulviyya, as well as Aslan Mammadli and Elmir Rahimov were sent to Yevpatoria in July. Treatment lasted till July 30, children returned to the homeland hale and hearty. When we see their optimism, confidence to the future we feel gratefulness to the first lady of the country, to this considerate person. Let God saves her children! We would never forget her considerateness.

We express our gratitude to the President of our country and his lady from the name of all three families.