Development of migration controlling system is in state’s focus of attention

Development of migration controlling system is in state’s focus of attention The AR President Ilham Aliyev signed decree about “implementation of the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic dated 24 June, 2008, development of the migration controlling system and “about the inclusion of annexes and alternations to some Laws of the Azerbaijan Republic””.
The document says that ensuring development and security of the country is of great importance in the regulation of migration processes and therefore the State Migration Program of the Azerbaijan Republic was affirmed, several legislative, institutional and organizational measures connected with it were fulfilled. Necessary normative legal deeds were adopted in order to strengthen state control over migration processes; the State Migration Service of the Azerbaijan Republic was established and began functioning, regulation of labor migration was improved and struggle against illegal migration was strengthened.
Cabinet of Ministers are charged to quicken preparation of draft Migration Code of the Azerbaijan Republic and to present it to the AR President.
The State Migration Service was charged to analyze, forecast and arrange monitoring of the migration processes, to summarize establishment of unique information system in migration field, to provide unique calculation applying new technologies, to arrange agitation of migration legislation in mass media, to publish special editions and to take enlightening measures in order to inform population, to take necessary measures in order provide trainings of specialists due to modern demands in migration controlling sphere and to present proposals regarding preparation of specialists in this sphere in higher educational establishments and to develop international co-operation in migration sphere.
According to decree several annexes and alternations were made to some Laws, corresponding instructions were given to related state institutions.