How Lachin became the «ancient land»

Exactly 17 years ago on this day, the Armenian armed formations, taking advantage of the political confusion in Baku, occupied Lachin district, thereby opened the road connecting Nagorno Karabakh and Armenia.

We do not intend to go into the details of this tragic event in the history of Azerbaijan, as well as readers are familiar with all the details. Just remember that the Lachin region, located in the south-west of Azerbaijan, on the border with Armenia, received the status of the district in 1930. Its area is 1875 square meters. Azerbaijanis also should remember that during the occupation more than 30 historical and cultural monuments were destroyed. The Armenians have destroyed all the enterprises in Lachin. All residents of this city at this time are refugees and live mainly in Baku and Sumgayit.

There are healing properties of mineral water sources in Lachin, such as Turshsu, Galaderesi, Aganus, Hyrmanlar, Tigig, Tursh-tigig, Nureddin, Nagdaly, Hadjikhanly.

Growing in the Lachin region and large stately oak trees are cut down by Armenians and sold in foreign countries. At the village Hadjhilar-Sadinlar — the Lachin region, all forests on the territory of 65 hectares were cut down, the houses were burned down, the cemeteries were destroyed.

We should note that, despite some recoveries in Khankendi and Shusha, the separatists did not manage to get a large sum of money on the development of «Berdzor and Kashatagh» (the so-called Armenian occupation of Lachin). Armenians from other regions of Armenia resettled there, including those from abroad. Though the prepared houses and financial assistance for the development of economy are proposed them, people do not want to stay there. As the Armenian defenders, not doped with Armenian ideology «Great Armenia», the main reason is that people living in Lachin can not get out of « readiness to leave », knowing that they are potential refugees, who at any time can remove away . Figures released by the Armenians speak for themselves. If prior to the occupation of Lachin there lived about 50 thousand residents, the following drawn not more than 8 thousand.

This expression is confirmed and attempts by separatists to real investment in Lachin. Some time ago, namely in Lachin district center, an international conference was held, organized by the Foundation «Tufenkian».

Conference participants — representatives of more than 40 major Armenian foundations and philanthropists — have been submitted to the specific program for the development of human settlements of Lachin region, political and strategic rationale of development of a locality, specific projects with the estimates. It was noted that «the government of NKR» intends to invest heavily in rebuilding the infrastructure area, but this is not enough for full recovery and development of strategically important areas. No matter, Bako Saakayan says that
«Kashatagh development is in the best interests of our national security», Armenians do not believe that Lachin also another «ancient land» in the territory of Azerbaijan. Also «NKR authorities» do not believe to this fact. If they were confident that they will remain in Lachin, would the vandals be allowed to destroy all life in the area, poison the soil, water, cut down and sell the rare varieties of trees? The same attitude they have to Agdam region, which is not even raised to the «ancient Armenia». The only exception is the «find the old capital of Armenia — Tigranakert», part of which is supposedly near Agdam.

But to complete the looting of Lachin region, the separatists want «ideological noodles» prepared for the patriotic sauce, for internal use, as well as to attract Western capital, the bulk of which will certainly not come to Lachin, smoothly transfer to the bank accounts of Artsakh ideologues.

In the first years after the occupation, the Armenians said that Lachin is not Azerbaijani territory, putting to the fore the fact that Kurds always lived in this territory. But then, it took some time to have the Armenian historians to dig in history and «to find facts» proving that the area was also «ancient».

It turns out that we — the bad and the bloodthirsty Azeris, in 1905 destroyed the peaceful Armenian population of the village of «Aliguli», which was then in the territory of Lachin district. Then «Azeri villains» likewise received from residents of the village Gararg, Haq, Yeghvard, Shamba, Kajaran — also located on the territory of Lachin. «After that, the area was inhabited mostly by Armenians, very quickly deserted. County, which was renamed into Lachin by the Azeris, during the Soviet regime, was also changed into Azeri style and at the end of the century until the liberation of Kashatagh (1992), in fact, there was no Armenian. Descendants of ailguli, gararg, hak after the liberation of Kashatagh partially returned to their home province, restored village of ancestors». Armenians have even created Associations of «Aliguli» and demand «the authorities of Nagorno Karabakh» — to assist in the reconstruction and settlement areas.

Each time, reading the Armenian sources, the author of this article hopes that this time would not be surprised of fiction and fantasy followers of Miatsum. But every time I looked forward to profound disappointment. Are representatives of the nation, calling themselves the most ancient people did not understand that they should not go so far in any matter. Well, at least in the name of the village, please note — Aliguli — that is, the servants of Ali, cousin and son-in-law of prophet Muhammad. How this village could be ancient Armenian village? In order not to make trouble the Armenian historians beforehand I give an answer to my own question: «Ara, this village was called« Kashatakdyga », but in the Arab Caliphate, which had not been able to defeat the Armenian troops, preserving the independence of Armenia, surrounded by about a million Arabs of the army, they managed to rename the village»…