Meeting with Norwegian guest

The meeting with Norwegian guest – investigator of the Norwegian Institute for International Affairs, Heydi Kjarnet was held at the office of Public Association for “Protection of Rights of Migrants and Internally Displaced Persons in Azerbaijan” on June 17, 2008.
H.Kjarnet took an interest in the directions of Public Association’s activity expressing her intention to get information about the history of Armenian-Azerbaijan conflict and measures fulfilled for its solution, condition of refugees and IDPs in the country, Azerbaijani government’s concern for them and other issues. She stated she had visited some IDP campsites, met with internally displaced persons and talked to them.
Chairman of the PA, Nadir Abdullayev and its counterpart, editor of “Voice of Karabakh” (Golos Karabaxa) newspaper, Gadir Nasirov informed the guest thoroughly about the issues she was interested in.
She was given several copies of “Voice of Karabakh” (Golos Karabaxa) newspaper and other relevant documents.

Dayanat Musayev