Organization of the Islamic Conference again announced Armenia as an aggressor

AS noted, deputies Sabir Rustamkhanli, the president of Party of Citizen Solidarity and Javanshir Pashazade visited in Cambala, the capital of Uganda where the Parliament of Organization of the Islamic Conference takes place since 24th of January. As informs cited to information service of the Party Sabir Rustamkhanli says that deputies achieved adoption of two resolutions about Azerbaijan in Political and Economic Committee of OIC which lasted 2 days: 1) Occupation of Nagorny Karabakh by the Armenian Republic; 2) Propagation of activity of youth work of Organization of the Islamic Conference and Khogaly Genocide around the world. According to the information given by S.Rustamkhanli Azerbaijan delegation staff met with other delegation staffs of Organization of the Islamic Conference member countries and parliament leaders for adoption of these resolutions. Also several meetings were held with Mahmud Gilinch, the president of Islam Conference Organization. Sabir Rustamkhanli said that OIC is preparing for the discussion the resolutions adopted by Political and Economic Committee in its 6th session which will take place on 30-31st of January. Azerbaijan delegation staff continues meeting.