Polish students change mind to shoot a film depicting Shusha as Armenian city

Regarding the article titled “Polish students make a film about Shusha City of Karabakh” posted in Regnum.ru Internet portal, Azerbaijani embassy in Poland had a meeting with Mateush Vayda to discuss the alleged Shusha trip of Mateush Vayda and Pavel Zelmitski, students of Polish National Film, Television and Theater School in Łódź.
Press service of the Foreign Ministry told APA that the students were informed that their steps would be accepted as the acts against the international legal norms, Poland-Azerbaijan strategic partnership and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. The students were comprehensively informed about the history of Nagorno Karabakh conflict, negotiation process, existence of more than 1 million Azerbaijani refugees and IDPs as a result of this conflict and occupation of nearly 20 per cent of historical territories of Azerbaijan by Armenia. Mateush Vayda was very grateful for detailed information and noted that they changed their mind to visit Shusha. The Embassy also sent a letter to Rector of Polish National Film, Television and Theater School in Łódź Robert Glinsk regarding this issue.