Refugees have been deprived of everything though they are innocent

Refugees have been deprived of everything though they are innocentThe statement of U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres was spread on the eve of World Refugees Day on June 20. High Commissioner proposes to remind millions residents of the world having very sensitive situation and implies that each of them have a painful story they can tell. “Refugees are not monotonous statistic- they are real people as you and me, they have been deprived of everything though they are innocent”. It says in the statement that still much work should be done in order to cover basic needs of refugees. For instance, facts of children death are still registered in Cameron; sometimes these facts are 7 times more. More than 1/3 of refugee girls of school age do not go to schools. In Ecuador a lot of Columbians who have been internally displaced do not have any idea of their right to look for a shelter. Thus, thousands of people live on extraneous areas and do not dare to move forward. In Thailand 100 thousand Myanmar refugees and people looking for shelters are living tedious life with coercion and the other kind of abuse in the camps. It is noted that most of this attitude can be abolished or decreased by the means of appropriate supplies. The statement ends with the following words: “So, on the World Refugees Day we should remind that refugees are also people who have real needs. To assist in reestablishment of their communities and their lives is useful for all of us”.