The number of migrants has increased in the country

The number of migrants has recently increased in Azerbaijan, chief of State Migration Service Arzu Rahimov said at the press conference.

Arzu Rahimov said it has several reasons.
“First of all, the world economic crisis has not affected Azerbaijan’s economy. Secondly, the economic reforms carried out in the country raise their interest. Thirdly, changes in the migration legislation influence the number of the foreigners coming to Azerbaijan to work and live,” he said.

According to Rahimov, a number of legislative acts on migration have been amended within three years, single window system has been applied for registration of foreigners since July.

He said the service received over 40,000 appeals in January-November.
“Each appeal was investigated separately and decision was passed,” he said.

Clarifying the problems that the Azerbaijanis living in Georgia and other countries face in Azerbaijan’s migration bodies, Arzu Rahimov said though these people are Azerbaijanis by nationality, they are citizens of another county, i.e. foreigners. As there is no concession concerning them in the legislation, they are registered like the other foreigners.

Representatives of Interior Ministry, Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, head of the Center for Legal Assistance to Migrants Alovsat Aliyev also attended the event.