The World Refugee Day will be celebrated in Azerbaijan

June 18, there was held an event on June 20 — World Day of Refugees in the Azerbaijan State Philharmonics. The motto of the day this year was — «Real people, real needs». The event will be attended by government representatives, the diplomatic corps accredited in Azerbaijan, international and local humanitarian organizations, communities, refugees and internally displaced persons, the media.
As reported from the department on issues of refugees, IDPs, migration and work with international organizations, the Office of the Cabinet of Ministers, currently in Azerbaijan there are 300 thousands of refugees, internally displaced persons, 700 thousand and 3 thousand persons and asylum seekers seeking refugee status.
Internally displaced persons temporarily compactly settled in 62 towns and districts of the country, more than 1600 locations. Recall that all the campsites, where long-term residents — internally displaced persons, as a result of measures implemented by the Azerbaijan State were eliminated, the new settlements were constructed. In addition, the minimum social needs of internally displaced persons are covered by the state budget. The global economic crisis has not affected the size of their benefits.
The eve of World Refugee Day will be campaigning to inform the public about the dire situation, the needs of refugees, internally displaced persons in Azerbaijan and the world, asylum-seekers. Public transports will be installed with billboards in the city; ads will be placed in media, discussions will be held on TV channels.