Unlawful Armenia should implement international documents.

Unlawful Armenia should implement international documents.European deputies participated at the discussion on “Additional protocol to the European Convention on Human Rights on the usage of Healthy environment” prepared by Legal Affairs and Human Rights Committee together with the Committee on the Environment, Agriculture and Local and Regional Affairs at the 3rd session of Parliament Assembly of Council of Europe held on September 30.
In his report, the member of the Committee on the Environment, Agriculture and Local and Regional Affairs Portuguese deputy Jose Mendes Bota gave detailed information about people’s concerns on environmental problems, climate changes as a global issue and people’s damage to the environment.
The member of Azerbaijan delegation Rafael Huseynov stated in his speech on this report: “As the healthy environment is directly linked to human life, of course, it can not be considered only as an environmental problem. This is also a political issue and should be studied along with human rights. Over the past nine years, Azerbaijan’s active participation in the Council of Europe’s activities related to environmental issues proceeds from the above-mentioned factors. Facing with the occupation of its territories, Azerbaijan has repeatedly said that Armenia inflicts damages to the ecology of the country. If the military annexation and its destruction take place within a short period, the ecological war has longer-term consequences that bring even greater tragedy. Noting that Azerbaijan has repeatedly raised in PACE the issue of Armenia’s cultivation of narcotic substances on the occupied and internationally uncontrolled territories of Azerbaijan, dumping radioactive substances in land, as well as pollution of rivers with poisonous chemicals and radioactive substances. Over recent years, the fires committed by the Armenian side on the occupied territories and in border areas have been taking a systematic character. Along with damages to the environment, these lead to the fact that people living near those areas are under constant stress and fear. Another significant blow inflicted by the Armenian occupation is that the nature is running wild. Nothing has been grown on these territories for over 20 years. All these lands used to be productive. To live and live healthy is the highest human right. Insidious attitude towards nature is worse than the violence through the fire. The destruction of nature jeopardizes not only the present but also for the future humankind. Thus, Azerbaijani population’s right for normal living is intentionally and continuously violated by Armenia. Azerbaijan, which faced similar problems, appreciates the additional protocol to the European Convention on Human Rights, recognizing the right to a healthy and viable environment, but only provided that the protocol must be applicable to all, mainly disorganized countries like Armenia. There is not only damage to the ecology of Azerbaijan by Armenia, but also a violation of ecological balance within the country, which jeopardizes the people of Armenia as well. For several years, the Armenian authorities have been infringing upon the right of the green movement in Armenia. We hope that the requirements of the protocol will also act in those countries that do not recognize the laws,» said the member of the Azerbaijani delegation. We want to believe that the protocol adopted will make a positive contribution to solving the problem and Europe will become a place where human right to a healthy existence will be ensured at the highest level”. Azeri MP’s roused interest. In his answer speech the speaker also stressed the importance of the Council of Europe control over these problems.