216,000 internally displaced persons live in Azerbaijan’s capital

From next year the State Committee for Refugees and IDPs will begin to remove internally displaced persons from the territories of dormitories, schools and military units.

Director of the International Relations, Information, Press Service Department of the Committee Senan Huseynov told APA that the IDPs settled in dormitories of the educational establishments will be removed first. The dormitory of Baku State University will be emptied first of all. The removal of the IDPs from the dormitory of the university will be carried out by stages. These IDPs will be settled in the new settlement to be built in Masazir. Multistory buildings will be built in Masazir from next year. The construction will be done by the winner of the tender that will be announced next year.

About 7000 IDPs are living at the dormitory of Baku State University. Totally, 47,000 families – 216,000 IDPs have settled in Baku. The IDPs have settled in 262 dormitories, 70 of these dormitories belong to the Education Ministry. 8200 families are living in these dormitories.