ICRC representatives meet with Azerbaijani soldiers in Armenian captivity

Representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Armenia visited the soldiers of Azerbaijani army Rafig Rahman Hasanov and Anar Khanbala Hajiyev, who are in captivity in Armenia, spokeswoman for ICRC Office in Azerbaijan Gulnaz Guliyeva told APA.

They met with the captured soldiers last weekend, talked to them and observed their detention conditions.

Hajiyev’s mother Naila Mammadova told APA that ICRC official brought a letter from his son on Thursday. “Hi, mom, how are you? How are Keyti, Elchin, Shahin, Aydin, Vusal and Araz doing? Tell them not to smoke cigarettes. Say hello to grandmother, Sevinj and everyone. Don’t worry about me. Everything is OK”, said Hajiyev in his letter.

Hasanov’s father Rahman Hasanov told APA that they called him from ICRC Office in Barda and invited him to the office, but Hasanov had no opportunity to visit the ICRC Office.

Soldier of the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry’s N military unit Rafig Rahman Hasanov, 20 was captured by the Armenian military units on October 8, 2008 in the contact line between the troops in Gazakh Region.

Anar Khanbala Hajiyev, 20, drafted by Goranboy regional military commissariat, was captured by the Armenian armed forces on May 10. The captives were visited by ICRC officials on July 23 last time.