Incident occurs in roundtable on Nagorno Karabakh conflict in Moscow

An incident occurred at the roundtable on the theme “Nagorno Karabakh conflict: creating conditions for the establishment of peace, Russia’s role” held in the editorial office of the Izvestia newspaper in Moscow.

Chairman of Russia’s Islamic Committee Heydar Jamal, who attended the meeting, told APA that the incident was connected with the participation of the representative of the separatist regime.
“We demanded that he should participate in the event as an individual, not as the representative of Nagorno Karabakh. But as his speech was not participation in the discussion, but a political statement, he was immediately removed from the roundtable,” he said.
Heydar Jamal said there were more Armenians than Azerbaijanis in the discussions and added that Rasim Musabayov and Evez Hasanov represented Azerbaijan.
“Though I was invited to the roundtable as the chairman of Russia’s Islamic Committee, I can be considered the person, who represented Azerbaijan, as I supported Azerbaijan’s position in Nagorno Karabakh issue,” he said.

Heydar Jamal considers that Nagorno Karabakh conflict would have been impossible, if Russia had not supported Armenia.
“Taking into account these two moments, we had an opportunity to express our position. The injustice of the Armenian experts caused negative climate, atmosphere of nonprofessional analysis at the event. As usual, main issues were not discussed. Little time was allotted for speeches, but the Armenians spoke more, as more Armenians attended the roundtable and they did not obey the regulations. I told the participants that the countries around the South Caucasus – Iran, Turkey, Russia, Europe are not interested in the settlement of the conflict, as they use the current situation for their interests. Russia does not want the conflict to end without its participation, because always, in the Soviet times, anti-Azerbaijan lobby that united around Beria demonstrated solidarity with the national interests of Armenians. Russia played the anti-Azerbaijan role in the Soviet times and in the post-Soviet history. Russia is interested in the protraction of the conflict. Earlier, there was Azerbaijan-Turkey unity against Armenia and Iran. Now, due to the new format of Armenia-Turkey relations, Azerbaijan has been ringed by Iran, Armenia, distancing Turkey and Moscow that supports Yerevan-Tehran line. The role of the West is also obscure, in fact Azerbaijan remains in the strategic isolation,” he said.