The next issue of the newspaper “Golos Karabaxa” – “Voice of Karabakh” was published

The next issue – the first issue of this year, the newspaper “Golos Karabaxa” – “Voice of Karabakh” was published. The newspaper openswith the main article on the 130th anniversary of the founder of the first democratic republic in the East Mohammed Amin Rasulzade and scientific conference of the Association for Civil Society Development in Azerbaijan (ACSDA) in this regard.

Editor column’s under the title “Anxiety and resentment”, which states on recent tensions on the lines, touching the Armenian- Azerbaijani forces and the indifference of the international

community to the conflict finishes interesting ending: “So, it is impossible to agree, cannot use force, intermediaries’ chatters. What then are we to do – country with the occupied territory?”

Readers will be able to read the articles in this issue of the 24th anniversary of the January 20 events, bloody and glorious history of our people and the event of ACSDA in this regard, the National Hero of Azerbaijan Rovshan Abdullayev, “April occupation (1920) and the socio-political situation in the Karabakh region” of doctor of historical sciences F.Ibrahimli, “Karabakh diary” of R.Arakelov, materials “Sarsang reservoir, the source of life and the source of danger “, “The Karabakh horse and unenviable fate of this unique breed”, ” Armenia – the breeding ground for international terrorism”, “Atrocities of Armenians (1905-1906) – (1918-1920)” and others.