Azerbaijan announces categories of IDPs who will not be given new residential areas during relocation

The Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan has approved the rules for the allocation of residential areas of the foundation for temporary resettlement of internally displaced people.


IDPs of the following categories will not be given new residential areas, APA reported.


–        IDPs who do not actually live in the place where they are registered

–        IDPs and their families (excluding families of martyrs) who have obtained a private residential area in a legal way after becoming IDPs

–        Those who have been living in a resettlement facility for three years, abusing the fact that IDPs who are temporarily settled in other cities and districts but live in the resettlement facility

–        Families who have got married or annulled their marriage prior to the resettlement in order to gain an additional residential area


IDPs will not be given an additional residential area, who have previously lived in a resettlement facility, married someone who lived in another place, and then divorced.


If an IDP has waived moving to the temporary residential area allocated to him/her in five days, the temporary residential area will be given to another IDP family. The temporary residential areas cannot be sold, granted, given to another person, leased, changed, privatize houses by way of pledge or other means, and allow another person settle in the house. IDPs should care about the temporary residential area they reside in, use those areas only for the purpose of living, do not allow any construction work prohibited by the project and follow the rules of coexistence. IDPs are not allowed to use the temporary residential area for commercial purposes, as well as the purposes of acts prohibited by law. The temporary residential areas are not the private property of IDP families, and they cannot inherit those areas to others by law or testament, or transfer to use of persons being in custody or guardianship.


The residential areas are provided to IDPs in accordance with their family composition.  


–        1 room for the families with 1 member;

–        2 rooms for the families with 2 or 3 members;

–        3 rooms for the families with 4 or 5 members;

–        4 rooms for the families with 6 members or more;