Azerbaijani Community of Crimea demands Izyum council recognizing so-called Armenian genocide to recognize also Khojaly genocide

Azerbaijani Community of Crimean Autonomous Republic of Ukraine sent a letter to the chairman of the Izyum council Alexander Bojkov in connection with the decision of the council on the recognition of the so-called Armenian genocide.

Chairman of the community Rahim Humbatov told APA the letter mentions that the protocols signed between Turkey and Armenia in Zurich on October 10 envisage research of historical facts.
“It seems that Izyum council passed a judgment before the Turkish and Armenian scientists. According to article 140 of Ukrainian Constitution, the local authorities solve only local problems. It is clear that, while passing this decision Izyum council abused its power. The decision contradicts the interests of Ukraine and may cause international crisis in the relations with Turkey. I inform you that during Nagorno Karabakh conflict Armenians committed genocide against the residents of Azerbaijan’s Khojaly town. A lot of books, articles have been written and films made about it. I can send a documentary about it to your parliamentarians. Taking all this into account, I ask you to recognize Khojaly genocide and appeal to Ukrainian leadership about it.”

Humbatov is the member of the Council of Crimean Cabinet of Ministers.