17 years pass since occupation of Azerbaijan’s Gubadli region by Armenians

17 years have passed since the occupation of Azerbaijan’s Gubadli region by Armenian armed forces. Gubadli, the region with 826 square km territory, was occupied by the Armenians on August 31, 1993.

54 people were killed in the battles for Gubadli. 232 residents of Gubadli Region were killed and 146 became invalid during Karabakh war. Armenians burned and looted 94 villages and settlements, 205 cultural and social facilities and 12 historical monuments in Gubadli. There were 21 secondary and 15 incomplete secondary schools, as well as 15 primary and 7 kindergartens in the region with 33 800 population. 1280 teachers were working in the schools.
There were 111 cultural-educational centers, including 60 libraries, 10 cultural houses, 28 clubs and 6 auto-clubs.

Armenians looted Gubadli Museum of History and Ethnography where more than 5 thousand unique exhibits were displayed. IV century shrine Gavur Valley, Galali and Goygala monuments (V c.), Blacksmith Tomb (XIV c.), Haji Badal and Lalazar bridges, as well as other historical monuments in Ayin, Yusfbayli, Seytas, Garagacli and Khocamsakhli villages are under occupation now.