Construction of Armenian churches in Lachin is a waste of time

According the information given by Armenian “Asbarez” internet publication Armenian churches are being built in the occupied territory Lachin. According to the representative of Armenian apostolic church Pargev Martirosyan the opening of new churches is a sign of “continuation of Armenian Christian faith on those lands”. It is also noted that “Tufengyan” fond assists Armenians in settlement on the occupied territory of Azerbaijan such as Lachin and construction of churches. Due to this we should remind you that the construction of places of worship as well as churches is regulated by the current legislation. Any construction having no permission from the relevant state bodies is illegal and due to the current legislation appropriate measures will be taken against these places. Armenia should have no doubt that now liberation of the occupied regions is inescapable and after, illegally built constructions in seven occupied regions surrounding Nagorno-Karabakh as well as new churches will be torn down as the other illegal mosques on the territory of Azerbaijan were destroyed. This law will not be applied to the places of worship which has been constructed on the very territory before the conflict started and which have permission from Azerbaijan government. Newly built churches will never turn the occupied territories into “Armenian territories” and consequently won’t bring the authors of this kind of utopic projects closer to their dream to join these lands to Armenia. This territory will always be Azerbaijan’s lands and the illegal constructions will be torn down. Although the illegal constructions are places of worship it won’t give them any immunity. That is why the authors of those plans shouldn’t indulge in their own illusions.