Migration issues discussed in Moscow

Migration issues discussed in Moscow
The scientific-practical conference devoted to the long-term migration policy in the context of national security of Russia, organized by the Security Committee of State Duma, was held in Moscow.
The speakers stated that migration is a natural process and part of the globalization process ongoing in the world, and it is necessary to be ready to it. Russia needs a unique conception of its long-term migration policy, because the stream of migrants grows every year.
Anatoly Kulikov, chairman of the administrative personnel of the World Anti-criminal and Anti-terror Forum stated that the stream of migration to Russia, which is especially attractive for the Russian speaking population of the CIS countries, will grow in the nearest decade. According to him, Russia turned into a transit territory where migrants come in a mass scale. Over 2 million work permits were given only in 2007, but illegal labor market still exists. According to some calculations, there are about 5-15 million illegal workers in the country, and this number may grow up to 19 million in 2010. Economic damage caused by illegal migrants not paying taxes is over 8 billion rubles. About 250 billion rubles is taken away from the country every year. A.Kulikov, drawing attention to the number of crimes committed by foreigners, stated that the number of such crimes grows by 5-7 % every year. He stated that foreign citizens committed 50.1 criminal incidents last year and over 90% of them fell to the share of migrants from the CIS countries.
The speaker, emphasizing that foreigners’ life is very hard in Russia, stated that about 156 thousand foreigners were exposed to assaults only in 2007, 325 people were killed.
The seminar participants, discussing migration and its influence on socio-political life of Russia, came to the unanimous opinion that it is necessary to improve the existing laws and double state control over migration process.