Rare species of red oak trees cut in Azerbaijan ‘s occupied Lachin region

Rare species of red oak trees cut in Azerbaijan's occupied Lachin region Rare species of red oak trees are being cut in Hajishamli forest in Azerbaijan’s occupied Lachin region to manufacture furniture.
The wood from the tree is used to manufacture valuable furniture and barrels for cognac. This type of tree grows only in this reserve, Azerbaijani Natural Resources and Ecology Ministry told Trend News.
The region has reserves of 1,124 tons of mercury (Narzanli, Chilgazchay, Saribulaq), 4,457 tons of limestone, 2,533 cubic meters of marble limestone, two deposits of tufa (Agoglan, Ahmadli) which is used to produce stone for construction, 988 cubic meters of Novruzlu clay used to manufacture bricks, 2,144 cubic meters of Qushchu pumice stone, 15,794 cubic meters of mixture of sand and gravel, 10 tons of agate and 0.9 tons of jade, three volcano ashes with reserves of 10,449 tons and Minkand mineral water resources with capacity of 430,000 cubic meters per day.
Garagol Flora Reserve and State Flora Reserve in Lachin are under occupation at the moment. The reserve with area of 240 hectares houses 68 types and 27 families of plants.
The State Nature Reserve founded in 1961 houses roe, rock goat, swine, bear, turaj, partridge and thrush. The monitoring conducted in the reserve in 1989 revealed pasan, 96 wild boars, 360 roe deers, 320 bears, 110 wolves, badger, squirrel, 200 pheasants and 1,500 pheasants.
The Lachin region has forest with area of 33,285 hectares. There are pine, oak, hornbeam, birch, acacia, willow and pear trees in the forest.

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