Issue of erecting bust to Karabakh separatist raised in Georgian Parliament

The issue of erecting a bust to Armenian soldier, Karabakh separatist Mikhail Avagan has been raised at the first meeting of the spring session in the Georgian Parliament.

Report’s local bureau informs that in his speech, the parliament member, Azer Suleymanov condemned the erection of the bust to the separatist in the Georgian land and urged the government to take serious steps in this regard.

He asked why the bust to the enemy of Azerbaijani people Mikhail Avagyan whose hands are stained in the blood of innocent people was erected in the Georgian land on January 20 – the Day of the National Mourning in Azerbaijan.

“The worst thing is that the bust opening ceremony was attended by the member of parliaments, municipality chairman, mayor and ambassador of Armenia in the country. This created a great uproar among people,” the MP said.

Suleymanov also demanded to dismantle the bust.

Parliament speaker İrakli Kobakhidze   said that Georgia has a clear stance in relation to the neighbor countries: “We respect the interests of the neighbor countries and act in line with these interests. If  needed, we will hold consultations with Azerbaijani counterparts and together make a decision for the preservation of peaceful conditions in the neighborhood.”