New EU Visa Code comes into effect

From Monday, April 5, a new code comes into effect for short stay visas for the 22 European Union and three non-EU Schengen states, in a bid to make getting an EU visa faster and streamline the legal issuing conditions, APA reports.

A new visa code for the Schengen zone countries has come into force. A three-month Schengen visa will now cost 60 Euros, and 36 Euros for children from 6 to 12. The consulates are bound to decide on visa-granting within 15 days since the day of application. The EU visa code now makes it mandatory for the first time to report on the reason for rejecting a request for a visa, and provides for appealing against a negative decision. The change in the Schengen visa costs do not apply to Russia and some other countries that have signed agreements on easing the visa regime with the EU. Schengen visas for these countries will cost 35 Euros.