Armenian vandalsim – genosid of march in Azerbaijan

The theme of genocide of the Armenians against the Azerbaijani people over the last century has been devoted to the Round Table, held on 31 March of this year, by the “Association for Civil Society Development in Azerbaijan” (ACSDA) and Public Association for the “Protection of Rights of Migrants and Internally Displaced Persons in Azerbaijan” (PA PRMIDP).
Professor Nadir Abdullayev, the chairman of PA PRMIDP, opened the event with an opening speech, drew attention of participants of the Round Table on the date of the meeting – according to the Decree of the President of Azerbaijan on March, 26, 1998, 31 March is marked in republic as the Day of a genocide of Azerbaijanis.
Ali Mammadov, the doctor of historical sciences, professor of Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University has acted with a report on the genocide of Armenians against Azerbaijanis. Faiq Ismailov, chairman of the Public Association Organization for Protection of Monuments of Azerbaijan, Zaur Aliyev, official representative of the Azerbaijan Ombudsman Apparatus, Maharram Zulfigarly, candidate of historical sciences, Gadir Nasirov, editor of the “Voice of Karabakh” newspaper, Rauf Sultanov, president of the Fund of Monitoring of Ecological Standards of Azerbaijan, Teymur Alban, candidate of science, Ismail Ismailov, chairman of the Public Organization “Man and Society” and others have acted.
Reporters and speakers have noticed that refugees in Azerbaijan territory from Iran and Turkey by means of imperial Russia Armenians have started to put into practice the artful plan on assignment of the earths of Azerbaijan, and with that end in view to expel local Azerbaijanis from homes, to arrange their mass destruction. The apogee has reached these bloody events in the XXth century beginning – in 1918-1920.
Armenian gangster formations armed cap-á-pie together with the Russian and English patrons have invaded in Baku and under the direction of the chairman of the Baku Soviet dashnak Stepan Shaumyan had been smashed and burned most of the urban areas and massacred peaceful urban population. Such incredible most terrible acts of mass destruction of people, like the burning of the mosque, along with trapped there until failure citizens are known. As a result of repressive measures the combined Russian-English-Armenian forces for 1918-1920 only in Baku were destroyed about 25 thousand people. Not casually that S.Shaumyan, estimating bloody March punishment over the Azerbaijan population of Baku, has told: “Results of fights clear for us. Defeat of the enemy (that is Azerbaijanis – O.V.) was the uttermost…”
It has been noticed that after the Baku excesses the Armenian retaliatory groups have continued the bloody campaign in regions of Azerbaijan. The next item of mass destruction of Azerbaijanis became Shemakha, where only during March-April 1918 were exterminated 8096 people, including 4257 men, 2492 women and 1347 children. The armed groups have carried out massacre of Azerbaijanis in Azerbaijan’s regions, including Guba, Irevan, Zangezur, Ganja, Karabakh, Jebrail, Mugan, Nakhchivan, Lankaran, Salyan, Neftchala, Kurdamir, Khachmaz, Goychay, Agdash and other areas as well as in Gars Turkey. In total, during the 1918-1920 about 150 thousands of innocent people have been killed. The mass burial place found out in 2007 in the Guba where there are remains killed by tortures nearby 600 persons the majority old men from which were, women and children – only one of many facts to support an act of genocide committed by Armenians against Azerbaijanis. And that this act was not completed slaughter 1918-1920. In the end of 80th and in the beginning of 90th, Armenian separatism again raised his head. Armenians for centuries bearing the plan of capture of the Azerbaijan territories, opened an undeclared war, during which occupied one-fifth of Azerbaijani territory, destroyed more than 900 settlements, all infrastructure of region is destroyed, and more than 20000 people were killed. In some settlements, such as Khojaly, Jamilli, Meshali, Garadagly, Agdaban occurred a real genocide of the Azerbaijanis.
Participants of the Round Table had been stated offers on improvement of activity in the field of bringing of the facts of genocide of Armenians against the Azerbaijan people to world community, and also representation of necessary documents for criminally-legal estimation under the given certificate of genocide in corresponding international instances.