To Nobel Peace Prize Committee

To Nobel Peace Prize Committee

Even if armed forces of the former Soviet Union would create these incidents with human losses without M. Gorbachev ‘s order, according to norms of international law he bears responsibility for an assumption to the country he led bloody cases or the loyal relation to them, for not carrying out of any investigatory actions and not punishment of guilty persons.
We consider that above-listed and directed against the people of the former USSR, all mankind, the peace and safety in the world bloody events give every reason for a rising of criminal case against M. Gorbachev. Giving of such high award as the Nobel Peace Prize to the owner of similar act is inadmissible. On the contrary, being the perpetrator of destruction of many people, M. Gorbachev should appear before the international court and to be punished.
We urge You to reconsider the decision accepted 22 years ago and to take appropriate measures in a direction of deprivation of M. Gorbachev of your award.

Public Association for “Protection of Rights of Migrants
and Internally Displaced Persons in Azerbaijan “

January 19, 2012