STATEMENTOf the “Public Association for the Protection of Rights of Migrants and Internally Displaced Persons in Azerbaijan” on Word Refugees Day, on June 20

On December 4, 2000 the General Assembly of the UN adopted the resolution with unanimity to celebrate World Refugee Day. Since that day, every yea, the world shows support and respect to world refugees. On June 20, we remember world refugees and encourage them to life, and gave them moral support.
The world is moving from day to day and a lot of people emigrate from one place to another. According to information given by international organization, today there is 40 million refugees and IDPs’ in the world.
One million of refugees and IDPs’ of the world are in Azerbaijan. They are people who were expelled from their home countries as a result of Armenian aggression policy. As a result of this aggression our co patriots were deprived from their houses and now living in refugees camps.
The Department of the Ministers Cabinet on the work with the problems of refugees, internally displaced people, migration and international organizations gave information that there were 300 000 refugees, 700 000 internally displaced people and 3000 people who were intending to get “refugee” status and looking a for shelter in Azerbaijan. Nowadays there are more that 11 000 refugees from different countries in Azerbaijan.
Internally displaced people live in 62 cities and regions and more than 1600 densely populated areas of the country. We should remind that the tent camps that internally displaced people have been living in for a ling time were abolished as a result of the measures taken by the Azerbaijan government and new settlements were built up. Besides, the minimal social needs of internally displaced people are covered by the state budget. Global economical crisis didn’t affect the amount for the coverage of their needs.
We all wish bright future for our children; try to provide them with everything necessary for happy and successful life. Much to our regret that young refugees are deprived from these resources. However, if you visit any school from refugee camp you will witness their amazing will to learn and achieve something. These young refugees who are facing big difficulties and indefinite future realize that the only way out of this situation is education.
By celebrating World Refugee Day we should not forget that these families, children and elders are different from the other people who remove from one to another place. They can not return to their homes. They need care till their return.
Different projects are conducting for improving the living conditions of refugees and IDP’s in Azerbaijan. The successful foreign policy and steps for problem solution of the State give hope that there is less time left for the return of the people, who became exile and displaced in their Motherland, to their land,.
“Public Association for the Protection of Rights of Migrants and Internally Displaced Persons in Azerbaijan” calls UNO, U.N. High Commission for Human Rights, OSCE state leaders, Council of Europe, International and European Ombudsman Institutions, Asian Ombudsman Association, International Peace Bureau, Universal Peace Federation and Armenia to observe the UN resolutions (resolution 822- April 30, 1993; Resolution 853 – July 29, 1993; Resolution 874 – October 14, 1993; Resolution 884 – November 12, 1993), peacefully free the Azerbaijan regions which under occupation (Nogorno Karabakh and close 7 regions), take measures to return 1 million refugees and IDP’s to their lands.